"Rebecca is so very kind and caring and I am so grateful for her generous heart. She helped me to view change as an opportunity for growth, rather than a death sentence.  She lovingly walked me through the creative process of designing my new life and making it happen and  continues to reshape and expand my view of what is possible for me. Her perception goes deep — like, soul level deep. She works in the realm of the the mystical and intuitive.


Rebecca  helped me clear old, negative energy and core beliefs that have been with me forever (probably for centuries in all sorts of incarnations) and afterward I felt like I could fly. I felt light - and spacious.  No longer contracted in little balls of fear and worry. She moved me into direct connection with Source and helped me shape a life that is in perfect alignment with the unique "melody" of my soul music."

Martine Levy,

Graphic Designer

"Rebecca is not only an intuitive soul but also a compassionate end empathic human being. Through her work she helps me connect and experience my inner truth. Her reading with the Tarot is like a timeless voice from a skilled master.


It is not just a reading session; with her questions and guidance, she awakes my intuition to the deeper states of consciousness and allows the truth to surface.  She has helped me finding answers in time of great distress and rediscovering hope and love for myself when I thought they were lost. Rebecca has been a real gift to my life and I look forward to continue this beautiful healing journey with her."

Manuela Stötter,

Structural Engineer

"Rebecca's intuition is uncanny.  She is incredibly perceptive and has a clear knowing that can only come from a true clairvoyant.  She encourages me to cultivate my own relationship with spirit and to be guided by my own intuition and I appreciate this.  A session with Rebecca is so much more than a tarot reading. She offers empowerment and transformation, as well as the tools to do this deep work on a daily basis on my own. Yet, the messages she delivers from the other side have left me speechless and in awe of her abilities. I know that I will keep coming back to her for guidance and direction because her vision is clear and accurate. Plus, I feel she has become a true friend and ally in my healing journey. "

LauraLynn Tate,

Student of Life

 "Rebecca Baldwin is surprisingly gifted in her ability to connect with individuals to provide guidance and understanding at a soul level. She is patient and compassionate but also very effective in transcribing messages of healing and support through her work. I turn to Rebecca for guidance when I feel stuck and trust in her ability to help me navigate my own feelings and impressions so I can make better choices about life. "

Anjili Russell

Founder and Director of Sangha Relations


Co-Founder & Managing Director of Sadhana Yoga

"Working with Rebecca I’ve  transformed patterns of self-doubt and limiting beliefs that have  held me back from  living my truth and expressing my creativity and joy. The work is challenging, enlightening, often a little scary - and always incredibly beautiful. With Rebecca, I always feel lovingly supported and compassionately encouraged to accept all aspects of myself.  In each session, Rebecca invites me to remember who I really am, and reminds me that everything is happening purposefully, at the right time and in the exact right way. It feels like coming home - to my truest self at the level of soul. I leave every encounter with her feeling clear, grounded, motivated, and able to focus on taking the actions that allow me to create the outcomes I desire most. My friends and family have all remarked on my renewed sense of purpose and self love.  They can feel how my vibration has shifted and everything (and everyone)  around me is carried along with that shift."

Maya Jackson

Holistic Health Coach


"My healing journey with Rebecca has been nothing short of miraculous.  She is completely present in the most sacred and loving of  ways. Her beautiful energy perfectly infuses and guides each session, always providing me with exactly what I am needing in that specific moment.  She has been an incredible gift and  blessing and I honestly can say my work with Rebecca has been life-transforming"


I went from feeling afraid all the time, to having confidence and truly LOVING myself.  Like, for the first time EVER. I really do not know how she did it, but she got me to face fears and break through limiting stories that I have held my entire life. I am so grateful for this profound work.  Deeply worth the investment"

Rachel Misser,


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