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Starseeds - Are You One of Them?

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Find out if you are a Starseed
Starseeds - Are you one of them?

Do you recognize special gifts within yourself? You may be a Starseed. Find out if you are an indigo, crystal, or rainbow child and what to do with your abilities to heal the world.

People roam the earth with special abilities to lift humanity to higher consciousness. They are known as starseeds, and you may be one of them.

Starseed souls come from other constellations of the universe. These old souls have rare gifts, the ability to perceive higher vibrations that most people cannot. They often have psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance or healing powers. They help shift the evolution of earth to a higher level and reveal the inner power in all of us.

Do you recognize these spiritual gifts within yourself or your child? You may be a Starseed. When you tap into your abilities, you can help heal the planet and the people around you. Continue reading to find out the signs of a Starseed and how to use your talents to contribute to the greater good.

What Is a Starseed?

Starseeds or star children possess special abilities. They often experience clairvoyance (clear seeing in the mind’s eye) or clairsentience (clear feeling). In other words, starseeds can perceive what most people cannot. They know past, present, or future events. They may “see” or “sense’ a person’s aura or intentions. They have a deeper understanding of the universe.

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Starseeds do not originate from earth. Their souls come from another constellation in the universe. As their souls come from another place, they seem different from others.

Starseeds choose to come to earth, to bring their light and knowledge to the planet. They live on earth to bring greater wisdom and raise the world into a higher state of consciousness. They help build a solid foundation for a new society, establishing peace, harmony, and compassion as the new norms.

Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children

The children of starseeds are often broken down into three categories: indigo, crystal, and rainbow children:

What are Indigo children?

An indigo child possesses supernatural abilities to tune into the creativity and information of their environment. They have come to earth on a mission to challenge established norms and move society forward. Unlike the later stage, crystal, and rainbow, the indigo children still have karma that they have to resolve.

San Diego parapsychologist Nancy Anne Tapp first popularized this concept in the 1970s when she discovered certain children with exceptionally vibrant indigo auras. She had never seen this color before and concluded that these children have risen to higher consciousness.


Indigo Children Common Traits

  • High IQ

  • Strong intuition

  • Resistance to authority

  • Disruptive personalities

  • Hyperactive and often diagnosed with ADD or ADHD

What are crystal children?

Crystal children are the next generation of indigo children and represent an even higher stage in consciousness. They have a blend of crystal and indigo auras, an opalescent glow from the inside out. They are also highly psychic and sensitive but do not have the angry energy of indigo children. They are like cosmic fountains, with the wisdom of the universe flowing through them.

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Crystal Children Common Traits

  • Highly self-aware

  • Deep connections to other souls

  • Wisdom of the big picture

  • Slow to begin talking

  • Often diagnosed with autism

What are rainbow children?

Along with the indigo and crystal children, rainbow children are also here to enlighten the world. This unique Starseed has come to earth to help humanity ascend into higher consciousness.

Rainbow children have never lived on the earth before, which means their souls are very wise and compassionate. They also do not have any karma to resolve. They come to remind humanity of their higher selves and connection with the angelic realm. They share the message of unconditional love and how to align with your authentic self.

little girl and Starseeds

Rainbow Children Common Traits

  • Radiate compassionate energy

  • Raised in a balanced, healthy family

  • Slow to begin talking

  • Forgiving

  • Telepathic

  • Fearless

  • Powerfully intuitive

Signs of a Starseed

Are you or someone you know a Starseed? You can recognize a Starseed or star child if they have some of the following traits:



Starseeds possess clear vision, the ability to gain information through extrasensory perception. They can often perceive events from the past, present, or future.


Clairsentience is the ability to clear seeing, to perceive events or other people’s motives. Starseeds can often walk into a place, such as a house, and sensitive information about that location intuitively.


Starseeds can channel and share messages from many interdimensional realities. They can have very precise premonitions of future events. They can provide important guidance, especially to people experiencing a difficult time in their lives. Their channeling abilities often enable them to manifest anything easily and effortlessly.

Interactions with Electricity

The energy vibrations of starseeds may interfere with the physical realm, sometimes resulting in electricity shutting off.

Strong Intuition

Starseed children have a strong intuition, an “inner knowing” or gut feeling. They can access information from other dimensions to help in their mission on earth. For example, they may intuitively know things about a person even before speaking to them.

Sense of danger

Because of their strong intuition, starseeds can sense imminent danger. They can warn and save others from harm.

Energy healers

Starseeds have natural healing abilities. They are lightworkers with the ability to sense the subtle energy systems in the body and remove blocks.


Starseeds sometimes have powerful gifts, such as the ability to rise from the ground by mental effort.


Especially later stage starseeds, like crystal and rainbow children, have the power of telepathy. When they are born, they often don’t realize that people can’t read their minds. Therefore, many star children do not start speaking until they are older, around 2 or 3.

Out of Body Travel

Starseeds may experience teleportation or out of body travel. They can leave their physical body, such as through astral projection to explore the astral realm.

Do you recognize these qualities in yourself? Perhaps you have a child who embodies traits of a Starseed. In truth, everyone has some level of the rainbow, crystal, and indigo energies within themselves. We all have the potential to develop higher consciousness and bring light and healing to humanity. When you recognize the potential of greatness in yourself and all others, you can help the efforts to create a world full of peace, love, and compassion.

If you believe you are a Starseed and you would like to understand, develop, and share your spiritual gifts, the Starseed Institute and Sacred Mystery School might be right for you. OUL COACHING & MNTSHIP



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