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Her perception goes deep — like, soul level deep. She works in the realm of the the mystical and intuitive...

Rebecca  lovingly walked me through the creative process of designing the next chapter of my life and making it happen. She continues to expand my view of what is possible for me and enabled me to have a massive shift interception-- I now view change as an opportunity for growth, rather than a death sentence.

Martine Levy


Manuela Stötter, Structural Engineer

Manuela Stötter

Structural Engineer

Her reading with the Tarot is like a timeless voice from a skilled master...

Rebecca is not only an intuitive soul but also a compassionate end empathic human being. Through her work she helps me connect and experience my inner truth. It is not just a reading session; with her questions and guidance, she awakens my intuition to the deeper states of consciousness and allows the truth to surface.  She has helped me finding answers in time of great distress and rediscovering hope and love for myself when I thought they were lost. Rebecca has been a real gift to my life and I look forward to continue this beautiful healing journey with her.

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Maya Jackson

Holistic Health Coach


Rebecca holds space for empowerment and transformation and has helped me understand my gifts as a light-worker...

I feel like I finally understand my purpose and why I am here at this time. I understand now that there are other people like me and that I don't have to hide my light. Rebecca is so wise and learning from her is like soaking in the wisdom of the ancients. I feel deeply blessed and privileged to work with her. 

Anjili Russell

Co-Founder & Managing Director of Sadhana Yoga

Rebecca is uniquely gifted in her ability to connect with spirit and with clients to provide guidance and understanding at a soul level...

She is patient and compassionate and very effective in transcribing messages of healing and support through her work. I turn to Rebecca for guidance when I feel stuck or unsure and I completely trust in her ability to help me navigate my own feelings and impressions, so I can make better choices about my life. 

Anjili Russell

A session with Rebecca leaves me feeling divinely guided, deeply nourished and with a renewed sense of purpose for my life...

In a relatively short amount of time, I've  transformed patterns of self-doubt and limiting beliefs that have held me back from living my truth and expressing my creativity. I leave every session with her feeling clear, grounded, motivated, and able to focus on taking the actions that I was too afraid to take in the past.