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Hello Beautiful Soul.  

I'm Rebecca and I'm a Modern Mystic, Intuitive Guide and Dreamweaver.  While I am here on planet Earth it is my purpose, my passion and my privilege to help conscious and awakening women shift from fear and overwhelm into the clarity, confidence and empowerment that comes from embodying the Divine Feminine.

Are any of these true for you? ​​

  • You intuitively know that there is more for you in this life,  but you don't know how to figure out what that is and don't have a clue how to create it. 

  • You experience bouts of self-doubt, low self-esteem and confusion and sometimes it feels as if you are going around in circles, repeating the same ol' stories over and over again. 

  • You used to be a social and outgoing  person, but lately find yourself isolating and numbing your feelings. 

  • You have been hurt in love and even though your spirit  knows there is a soulmate for you, your heart is closed and you feel afraid and/or unworthy of loving or being loved.

  • You yearn to understand your  spiritual gifts and to  fulfill your Divine assignment - but you are not sure what that means exactly.

  • You love the idea of dreaming BIG  and manifesting  your most fabulous, epic life in alignment with your Soul's unique purpose - BUT - you figure that kind of happiness is reserved for "other people".

  • You are tired of struggling and feel exhausted from seeking validation and meaning outside of yourself and are ready to begin (or continue) on a life-changing journey of self-exploration and spiritual expansion.

  • You have an inkling that you are on the precipice of some BIG life changes - and are ready to write a new story for your life - one that is whole hearted and soul centered and would like guidance from a woman who has been there and gets it.

  • You feel drawn to metaphysical teaching and spiritual ideas and want to go deeper in your understanding of these topics. 

  • You  sense the presence of the unseen world and and feel guided to develop your intuitive abilities.

If you resonate with even one of these as true, you are in the right place!


How May I Serve You?

Soul Tarot


A blend of ancient metaphysical  knowledge, channeled wisdom and intuition, a Tarot reading has the power to create meaningful shifts, and to support you in creating new outcomes in your


Soul Mentoring


Mentoring is a transformational journey designed to guide and support women  experiencing a spiritual awakening or who yearn to live their spiritual purpose and are ready to break-through anything standing in their way. 

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kThe free library is a lovingly created collection of curated articles in The Magazine, mindful musings in the Blog, the Quote Collection and the 10-Minute Bliss Guided Meditation Series available to download.  Take your time and explore!

When you source your life from within, you begin to live a whole-hearted and soul centered life.

What does it mean to live a  whole-hearted and soul-centered life ?


It's about allowing yourself to be guided by your intuition, honoring your truth and claiming your sovereignty. It is  the greatest expression of your true soul essence and it is what you came into this lifetime to experience.   Even though you may not see it right now, this is the life that exists on the other side of your struggle, fear and resistance. And, if you've  found your way to this page, then it is the life your Soul is calling  you to claim.

Imagine living with ease, flow, abundance and spaciousness   No more struggle. No more feeling unworthy. No more loneliness or shame. No more overwhelm or exhaustion.   No more playing small and believing that BIG dreams and happiness are only for other people. 


This all becomes possible for you when you connect with your inner GPS and step into co-creation with God/Spirit/Universe. It is in this space of Divine inspiration and grace that you experience quantum leaps forward (yes really) and create powerful shifts in perception (aka Miracles and Magic).


Are you ready to answer the call? Are you ready to discover your Divine Assignment and fulfill your purpose?   Are you ready to remember the truth of who you really are? If the answer is yes, then I  am ready to help you in whatever way feels right for you. 

Woman dressed in silk purple flowing dre

You are a beautiful, unique and extraordinary creation of God. You were not put on earth to suffer or live in lack or fear. You are endowed with gifts from the Creator, placed into you so that you might discover, amplify and share them. This is your birthright. ​

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 Read What  People  Are Saying:
Rachel Misser

"My  journey with Rebecca has been nothing short of miraculous.  She is completely present in the most sacred and loving of  ways and helped me uncover and face my past in a  gentle and compassionate way. Through connecting with Source and learning to trust my intuition, my  life has radically changed for the better . This woman is amazing! "

Rachel Misser, Artist 

Rebecca Baldwin - Spiritual Coach



I'm Rebecca, creator of The Spiritual Compass. I'm a certified Intuitive Guide and Transformational Spiritual Coach, who helps women live whole-hearted, soul infused, magical lives. As a natural Clairvoyant, Medium and Empath, my work is always spirit-guided and divinely channeled. Messages come through to help you gain clarity, direction and insight - and to support your spiritual evolution. 


Through an intensive, soul-to-soul partnership, together we birth your new life. I would be honored to be part of your journey and am available to answer questions and for a free Discovery Call.  Thank you for stopping by!  Please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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