Dr. Wayne Dyer famously wrote "Don't die with your music still in you.'"  When I first read those words I remember feeling that they were written just for me. But, truthfully each and every one of us has unique  music within us - its the song our soul sings and our mission here on planet Earth is to express that unique melody in all its magnificence and beauty.


And I am here to make sure you express every juicy drop of it. And really, that is what Soul Mentoring is all about.

It's a deep dive into your dreams, hopes and fears - a breathtaking leap into your soul wisdom.  I utilize modern methods with a dash of ancient mysticism. During a session I allow the energy of divine grace to flow through me - and in that way, all of our work is directed by Spirit. 


The techniques I use include:








  • Spiritual Coaching

  • Intuitive Guidance 

  • Detoxifying and Energizing Breathwork Exercises 

  • Intentional Manifestation and Goal Setting Practices

  • Unveiling the Shadow & Reclaiming Wholeness 

  • Positive Psychology Practices

  • Guided Meditation 

  • Intuitive Development 

  • Inner Child Work 

Through a personalized and tailored blend of these techniques we root out the unconscious patterning that has undermined your success and kept you from living your highest potential. We discover your soul purpose and your spiritual gifts (your music) and tap into your courage, creativity and passion.  Our goal is for you to live  and inspired and fulfilling life as the highest and greatest expression of all that you are and all that you dream of  being.


Do you ever find yourself asking this question? "Why do I find myself repeating the same self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors and why can't I create lasting change?" 


Do you ever feel like you're going through an endless, revolving door of failed relationships, financial struggle, depression, addiction or do you ever experience a pervasive feeling of loneliness or lack of direction? Are you experiencing a major life transition and searching for inspiration and motivation to create the next chapter?  Are you struggling to define clear, actionable steps for a plan forward? Are you missing a sense of purpose or meaning? Do you feel like you work hard to heal and "get it" only to repeat the same undermining  behavior with the same unsatisfying results over (and over) again?

These conditions are the cumulative result of a lifetime (or lifetimes) of unconscious human conditioning, unhealed trauma and most importantly, the false belief that you are separate from the infinite and eternal Source of All That Is (AKA God).  (We become disconnected because the belief that we are separate and alone is so strong,  it actually becomes our concrete reality and the only thing we perceive as "true.") 


Awakening is the process of dis-creating the false belief, remembering Who We Are and re-connecting to the soul wisdom within each of us.

"Through my work with hundreds of women - each with her own story,  dreams and unique challenges, one fact has remained constant;  separation from soul is the root cause of suffering. It is through re-connection to Source (the infinite, eternal energy of creation) and remembering who we really are, that healing, freedom, fulfillment and joy are achieved. "