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"Don't die with your music still in you.'" 


Dr. Wayne Dyer's famous words are a call to live our best life and to remind us that  each and every one of us is born with  unique  music within us - its the song our soul sings and our mission here on planet Earth is to express that melody in all its magnificence and beauty. My mission is to help you express every juicy drop of your innate music and magic.This is your birthright and what you came here to experience. 


However, over the years I have again and again encountered  a forgetting of  this essential truth. People have lost the truth of their innate power and divinity and find themselves unhappy, blocked, stuck or suffering in a myriad of ways.  In my experience, the root cause of this suffering lies in a false perception of separation from Source (God, Creator, Spirit, Universal Wisdom). It is in re-membering our oneness with All that Is and healing the false perception of separation, that we return to our natural state of joy and wholeness. 

Some symptoms of disconnection from Source include:

  • Entering into (and staying or returning to)  toxic, abusive relationships.

  • A lack of self-love, positive self-image or high self-worth.

  • Mental uncertainty and confusion, lack of clarity about the future,

  • Inability to let go of past experiences

  • Uncertainty of life purpose and lack of meaning

  • Constant negative thoughts and/or images filling up your mind

  • Emotional instability, mood swings, emotional outbursts, sadness and anger

  • Financial situation, lack of income to support your desires and fulfill your dreams

  • Physical issues, inconsistent diet, body image issues, lethargy

  • Lack of nourishing daily self-care 

If any of these feel familiar or resonate for you, then mentorship may offer the support and guidance you need. We address the underlying reasons for your dis-connection, dis-ease and dis-harmony through a blend of tboth modern and ancient, metaphysical practices, like: 

  • Spiritual Coaching

  • Intuitive guidance from your spiritual team (Loved Ones on the other side, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Galatics and Angels).

  • Detoxifying and Energizing Breathwork Exercises 

  • Intentional Manifestation and Co-creation Techniques 

  • Shadow Work & Reclaiming Wholeness 

  • Guided Meditation 

  • Inner Child (Re-parenting) Work

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Soul Retrieval 

  • Accessing and Understanding the Akashic Records

  • Oracle and Tarot Card Readings (for clarity and direction).



Do you ever find yourself asking this question? "Why do I find myself repeating the same self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors and why can't I create lasting change?" 


Do you ever feel like you're going through an endless, revolving door of failed relationships, financial struggle, depression, addiction or do you ever experience a pervasive feeling of loneliness or lack of direction? Are you experiencing a major life transition and searching for inspiration and motivation to create the next chapter?  Are you struggling to define clear, actionable steps for a plan forward? Are you missing a sense of purpose or meaning? Do you feel like you work hard to heal and "get it" only to repeat the same undermining  behavior with the same unsatisfying results over (and over) again?

These conditions are the cumulative result of a lifetime (or lifetimes) of unconscious human conditioning, unhealed trauma and most importantly, the false belief that you are separate from the infinite and eternal Source of All That Is  (We become disconnected because the belief that we are separate and alone is so strong,  it actually becomes our concrete reality.) 


Awakening is the process of dis-creating the false belief, remembering Who We Are and re-connecting to the soul wisdom within each of us.

"Through my work with hundreds of women - each with her own story,  dreams and unique challenges, one fact has remained constant;  separation from soul is the root cause of suffering. It is through re-connection to Source (the infinite, eternal energy of creation) and remembering who we really are, that healing, freedom, fulfillment and joy are achieved. "

Rebecca Baldwin

If you are experiencing any of the  symptoms of disconnection from Source, you are not alone. I am intimately familiar with all of these conditions and after years of deep soul work and professional training, I have developed a heart-centered, compassionate system based on 12 core pillars which are the essence of the spiritual journey back to a natural state of wholeness. 


Throughout our journey together, you will be guided through 12 essential pillars of spiritual expansion -- a journey that in its essence is one from fear to love:

1) Identify and release habitual, negative and unconscious programming and develop awareness in order to re-frame limiting, fear-based beliefs.

2) Uncover buried and unconscious wounded-ness so that it can be seen, felt and finally healed.
3) Re-claim the pieces of self that have been disowned as a result of experiencing shame or trauma.

4) Learn to deeply trust your intuition (your internal GPS) and cultivate faith, even in uncertainty.

5) Remember and experience the truth of who you really are - an infinite, eternal and beautiful creation of Source).

6) Consciously connect with Source and co-create your life with clarity, intention and purpose.

7) Cultivate a practice of daily gratitude, forgiveness and compassion. which will raise your energetic vibration and attune you with the higher frequencies of love and abundance.

8) Give power to your personal voice and learn to communicate your authentic needs without fear (cultivate powerful communication, truth telling and agency).

9) Strengthen the muscles of self-love and self-care.

10) Get clarity on your values and goals, so that you can define a clear vision for your life. From finances, to relationships, to career, you will create a clear path forward that is in full alignment with your spiritual purpose. 
11) Move from ego-based thinking and doing, to heart centered feeling and being.  From this state of being-ness you will source new levels of creativity, passion and power that were previously unavailable to you. This shift will align you with the energy of unconditional love and in the presence of this love, fear based thoughts and actions will vanish. 
12) Show up for yourself as your own best advocate  and never abandon yourself again


My goal is to help you sing your my music out loud, without shame, fear or guilt.  My process will help you live your life out loud and realize your dreams.  No more playing small, hiding or feeling stuck. Instead, you'll expand into living with authenticity, connection and belonging - this is a soul-centered and whole-hearted life which is abundant, joyful and meaningful. 

Ready to take the next step? Let's hop on the phone and explore  what your soul wisdom is trying to tell you; we'll  investigate the patterns holding you back and determine how I can best support you in breaking through fears and limitations...and, then the fun stuff, we'll dream big and strategize a plan of action to birth the abundant and thriving life your soul is calling you to live.


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