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    Here is a quick run down on my professional training, credentials and important influences. I am a natural born Clairvoyant, Empath and Medium and have always had an understanding that we are so much more than our physical form. I began seeing spirits of departed loved ones when I was young and have been a life-long student of all things esoteric and metaphysical. As my knowledge and personal experiences evolved, I became more and more drawn to studies which illuminated the human journey from the perspective of the Soul, and began to explore various healing modalities which addressed the pain of unconscious woundedness and unhealed trauma (which, among other conditions, keep us frozen in a continuous state of numbness, anxiety and fight or flight response). After spending several years as a top-rated advisor for Psychic Access, I came to the realization that simply giving predictive readings was not serving my client's highest good, nor did it aid in their spiritual evolution. In order to facilitate deep healing, lasting change and powerful shifts in perception, I needed to empower them to connect with their own soul wisdom and intuition. So, I packed up and headed for Arizona where I attended the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and earned professional certification as a Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Coach. My professional training also includes attending Las Piramides del Ka in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala where initiation into esoteric wisdom is taught in the mystical tradition of the ancient mystery schools. I have completed over 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training and am a fully accredited instructor. My YTT was completed in Bali and in Arizona. Additionally, I have studied Mediumship with Lisa Williams and A Course in Miracles with Marianne Williamson. However, the most important aspect of my education was probably travel. I roamed the globe for years in search of esoteric knowledge and lived in various ashrams and spiritual communities, where I learned to meditate and practice sacred silence for extended periods of time. I hung out with (and learned from) Maori Healers in New Zealand and Shamanic Practitioners in Mexico. I experienced a series of Ayahuasca (sacred plant medicine) ceremonies in Costa Rica and Native American sweat lodges in California. I also met some amazing people, found my tribe of spiritual healers and lightworkers and experienced the powerful effect of communing with like-minded people in sacred, high vibrational locations. The impact on my spiritual development and on my overall health and well- being was beyond powerful...I would say it was miraculous. It was during this period of seeking, at Ananda Ashram in Green Valley, California, that I received an energy activation and a download of the Akashic records. This information allows me access to records of our past incarnations, individual soul contracts, karmic debt and more. Clients gain a more expansive understanding of their lives and their current lessons when viewed from the wider perspective of the entirety of their soul journey over many lifetimes. My formal education includes earning a BA at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY. I grew up in Hanover, NH with college professors for parents and spent the first half of my life working in Hollywood. (But, that's another story!)
    Mentoring is a form of Tranformational Coaching and is the word I prefer to describe the on-going soul-to-soulpartnership which is lovingly cultivated with my clients. It is a relationship gently tended over time, and one which continues to grow as each client's situation and needs evolve. In general, coaching is an incredibly powerful tool used to support healthy habits, modify behavior and create desired outcomes. The traditional coaching process does not typically address the spiritual or energetic realms of existence. My process differs in that I work from a whichrecognizes that we are more than our physical bodies, egos or stories, and is rooted in the belief that each of us possess a wealth of untapped, unique gifts and graces. I do not believe that you are broken and need to be fixed, so our journey together is an awakening to the truth of Who You Already Are. We uncover and illuminate those false aspects of the personality which developed in response to trauma or were put in place as defense mechanisms to protect the fragile ego and caused your spirit-self to become displaced (banished to some dark recess of the egoic mind) so that you have forgotten your true essence is that of an infinite, eternal and magnificent spark of the Divine, incarnated in physical form for a while. The goal of Transformational Soul Mentoring is to move you beyond fear, self doubt and self-sabotaging patterns, so that you are free to access the unique tapestry of richness and resources you carry within. The process is one of deep inquiry, integrated with authentic curiosity and heart felt compassion. This is a proven technique to create powerful change and foster confidence in your ability to make positive, successful choices leading to a more fulfilling life. Through clearing away the negative debris field, we make room for healthy reconnection back to Source. At that point, manifestation becomes a co-creation with the most infinite, abundant power in the universe and the goal becomes the highest evolution of your soul along with the creation of a life which nourishes your body, mind and spirit in every way. When combined with the universal wisdom of the Tarot and the discerning knowing of an Empath, the unique blend gave birth to it's own, highly specialized, fluid and intuitive process which I call Transformational Soul Mentoring.
    A coach is a supportive, insightful and committed ally with whom to investigate and reveal underlying patterns of fear based behaviors. These patterns undermine your ability to create your most fulfilling and joyful life and can keep you stuck in a story of failure and disappointment (aka not-enoughness) often resulting in a sense of emptiness, confusion, self-doubt or low self-esteem. While the coaching process does resemble therapy, it differs in that coaching emphasizes future goals and investigates the manner in which faulty core beliefs prevent you from achieving them. The purpose of coaching is to exercise, strengthen and expand your capacity to manifest a life in alignment with your highest values and aspirations, while therapy is an important process in supporting the development of a strong ego structure and addresses cognitive disorders and maladjusted behavior, resulting in prolonged, chronic inability to function. Transformational Coaching attracts those people who cope with life in a relatively healthy manner, but want to create MORE of what fulfills them and are willing to take a leap of faith into the unknown territory of their future reality.
    I believe that we are essentially pure LOVE, created by LOVE for the purpose of being LOVE. I believe that LOVE is the only thing in the Universe that is Real (with a capital R) and that fear is an illusion created by the ego (which seeks to protect us, but in doing so keeps us feeling small, separate and powerless). I believe in Angels and Spirit Guides (I have seen them and communicated with them. I have also been seeing the Spirits of those who have crossed over since I was a young girl). And of course, I believe in a Divine Intelligence which I call God. But I also call God by other names, so we an use whatever term resonates most with your personal spiritual beliefs. Creator, Spirit, Divine Mind, Universe, All That Is, Source, The Great I Am or Higher Power...or one of your own. This is my truth and I do not try to convince anyone else to believe what I believe. I simply share what works for me and pass along the loving guidance and messages I receive.
    I am available and happy to work with anyone sincerely seeking transformation, healing, connection, knowledge, inspiration or joy. However, my work resonates most deeply with those who seek the light within and who desire an awakened connection with the Infinite Eternal Source of All that Is (AKA GOD) through walking the spiritual path. I provide a loving and non-judgemental and non-denominational space for seekers of all kinds. (That said, if you are an Atheist you probably won't benefit from or enjoy working with me as much as someone who has a basic belief in some kind of Higher Power. Even so, you are still welcome). If you are not sure and have questions, why not schedule a time to talk to me on a Discovery Call? I would be happy to explore your concerns and together we can determine if my services are the best solution for you.
    I will send you an email with instructions prior to our initial session. However, in general, it is important that during the session you are in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. Wear comfortable clothes, have water nearby. Also, meditate on the issues or questions which are of concern for you (perhaps write them down ahead of time). It is also a good idea to have a pad of paper and pen handy during the session. Try to be rested. If you are sick or think you are going to be interrupted it is usually better to reschedule. We will do a short centering practice at the start of the session, but it can never hurt to take time to ground and meditate on your own before we begin.
    Yes. Most often your Spirit Guides will come through during our sessions. They often have specific messages to deliver and are usually working very closely with you in the development of your current life project. The more we connect with them in our sessions, the more attuned you will become to their energy and you will begin to sense their presence and hear their messages more clearly and easily.
    Yes! I know from experience that a payment plan can make it possible to take part in a program or purchase a package that otherwise would be out of reach. Therefore, I offer a payment plan that allows you to break up the total cost for any Mentoring Program or Intuitive Tarot Package into 3 equal payments. Please send me an e-mail with the request and I will create a special invoice for you that will allow you to make multiple payments.
    A mystery school by definition is an ancient school with closely held wisdom and teachings that have been preserved for the benefit of humanity. These teachings are passed down through the oral tradition from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage of physical initiation." They teach such subjects as the Tarot, Mystical Kabbalah, The 12 Universal Laws, Numerology, Reincarnation (the journey of the soul), Awakening of Kundalini, Lucid Dreaming, The Akashic Records, Soulmate Contracts and so much more. At certain times throughout history this knowledge has been hidden from public view, from those who would seek to destroy it or control it - but the keepers of the wisdom have protected it. Until recently it was believed that all such schools had vanished from the earth. But today more and more are opening their doors to once again share the ancient secrets. I was fortunate enough to attend one such school, Las Piramides del Ka, a kind of Hogworts for adults.
    Because she has so eloquently stated it and because I could not possibly find the words to express it more perfectly, I am going to quote Natalie Reid from her book The Spiritual Alchemist: "Spiritual alchemy, a transformational path that allows you to hear the unique voice of your soul—your purest source of wisdom, creativity, and inspiration. It is the voice that can reveal your true purpose for this lifetime, and help you navigate and overcome all obstacles to your emotional and spiritual growth. A spiritual alchemist is a person who seeks spiritual direction, spiritual connection, and spiritual growth by embarking on a fearless, joyful, and lifelong path to self-knowledge. The underlying premise of spiritual alchemy, is that we connect with the divine—and learn to hear the voice of our soul (the part of us that is part of the divine)—through who we are today. A spiritual alchemist, then, is someone who is not afraid to look in that mirror—that is, someone who knows that true freedom comes from self-knowledge. A spiritual alchemist models his or her quest on the beliefs of the ancient alchemists, who believed that everything they did in this earthly world paralleled what was occurring “above,” in the divine world. Their belief was “as above, so below”: when they attempted to turn base metals into pure ones, many were equally attempting to do the same with their souls."
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