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During a session you will  receive a fluid blend of channeled messages from your Spirit Guides, and guidance which comes from my ability to see clearly (clairvoyance), know clearly (clairsentience) and a highly knowledgeable, nuanced interpretation of the Tarot or Oracle cards. .  I use every resource at my disposal to delve deep and illuminate the core of your unhealed wounds and fear based patterns, so that they can be healed and released.  I employ laser-sharp perception, honed throughout years of experience and training, to  uncover the important lessons, key relationships and soul purpose of this (and other) lifetimes.

Every session is unique. However, certain aspects are consistent:

1) Spirit will come through with the  messages that are perfect for the evolution of your Soul. 


2) Messages will provide clarity and vital insight on your circumstances, shining a light on the obstacles you face and revealing the karmic themes which are being worked out in your current incarnation. 


3) I use a mix of spiritual coaching,  energy healing techniques and shamanic practices  to clear away old patterns and integrate the new.

Intuitive Soul Tarot Session

“I believe in magic. I believe our destiny is not carved in stone and that one thought is the seed to a new life or a different path. I believe in the power of the cards to illuminate what you already know and to awaken the wisdom inside of you. I  believe how we think and experience life matters and I believe in the power of the cards to shift our thoughts and therefore create more positive experiences. I believe in the magic of the cards to inspire us to let go of old ideas and restrictions.”


-Tonya Sheridan

A single Soul Tarot session will provide insight on any past or present issue and clarify your journey forward.  It will leave you feeling more peaceful, connected and inspired; as well as tuned into your own soul wisdom.  You will leave the session with renewed confidence and a clear plan of action going forward. Afterward, I will be available by email and you will have the opportunity to ask questions or share insights with me.


Moments of challenge and discomfort can  present an incredible opportunity for healing  and act as  potent and powerful catalysts for change. If you have a persistent inner-feeling that your situation requires more on-going support than you will gain from a single session,  then  a Soul Mentoring program might be a better option for you.


Whichever option feels "right" to you is the right one.  The wisdom of the Tarot is called upon in both types of sessions and both are guided by Spirit; the main difference between the two revolves around you, your circumstances and your unique  needs. 


So if you are unsure, tune into your own soul wisdom and intuition, it will always lead you in the direction of your highest good. 


(Many clients schedule an initial stand alone session and decide later that they would like continued, on-going support from me. In this case, the cost of the first session is applied to the mentoring program of your choice.)

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