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Rainbow Amethyst Cluster (1 piece)


Also known as: Titanium Aura Quartz, Flame Aura, Dark Rainbow Aura and “Stone of Astral Journey. This Aura Quartz is often used for astral travelling.  It has the ability to open all chakras, stimulating a steep inner awareness, and access of Kundalini energy. Titanium Aura may enhance clairvoyance, boost vitality, clear energetic blockages, and offer an awakening of creativity. It has been thought to bring clarity, and the ability to take action for those in dysfunctional relationships.


Aura Quartz is created by infusing a vaporized form of precious metals, either individually or in combination, within a vacuum. Hence, the aura treatment actually becomes a bonded part of the original crystal itself, as opposed to simply being adhered. This special process allows the energy of the crystal and the energy of the metals to create an unusual and effective vibration.


Some of the metals used in the process are: Gold, Titanium and Platinum.The Aura treatment will blend with the energy of Amethyst to create a gentle and soothing energy field.

Rainbow Amethyst Cluster

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