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Seeking Sacred Journeys

Seeking Sacred Journeys

February 27-March 6, 2021

for Reclaiming the Sacred Selfa women's retreat designed to

harmonize and balance the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Are you living your most expanded, whole-hearted and epic life?  


Or, have you been telling yourself that you’re "just fine" because you’re used to (or even addicted to) being busy, productive and perpetually on the edge of physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion? 


Perhaps you have you started down an amazing soulful path, feeling strong and confident, but want to expand the boundaries of your commitment to self-care, creativity and community?  Either way, if you're looking to increase your whole being vitality and infuse your life with inspiration, joyful connection, rejuvenation and soulful healing, then attending the Reclaiming the Sacred Self  transformational retreat for women is the gift to your Self that you’ve been searching for.


Join me, Sheri Eckert and guest teacher, Carrissa Bessich at the beautiful Blue Spirit Retreat Center in Costa Rica as we embark on an intimate and sacred journey of holistic healing, transformation, empowerment and sisterhood. 


Beginning on February 27, 2021 the week will be dedicated to rejuvenation, renewal, inspiration and deep spiritual connection to ourselves, to each other, to nature, and to the Divine.  We’ve joined together with Anusara trained yoga teacher, Carrissa Bessich to create a unique retreat experience integrating holistic healing modalities for the Body, Mind and Spirit. 


Gain clarity, energy and balance as you gently release old wounds, clear energetic blockages, detoxify and nourish the physical body, cultivate loving self-care, unleash your potential, and awaken to the infinite wisdom and creativity of the Divine.


You are a masterpiece. A mystical, magical articulation of the universe, born to be wholly connected to its holiness. Your time in the company of spectacular, like-minded women with whom you will experience meaningful connection, support, unconditional acceptance (and more than likely form life long friendships) is a personal investment in the magnificent you.

Discover how to manage your stress, refresh your burnout, and improve your life’s balance - because you simply cannot pour from an empty cup. You’re only as good for others as you are for yourself.


And you’re definitely worth the investment.

Seeking Sacred Journeys

Seeking Sacred Journeys

Seeking Sacred Journeys is the art of looking in. It’s the willingness to expand your inner perceptions by venturing into outer unknowns. In my experience, sacred travel is the most powerful path to meaningful and lasting transformation. When we explore the world outside, we inevitably end up exploring the one inside.  Our horizons expand in all directions.


That is why I have joined forces with the magnificent Sheri Eckert (Counselor & Co-Founder, Program Director at Innerwork Portland) to create Seeking Sacred Journeys. Our mission is to provide soul nurturing, heart opening, dream igniting, luxurious, Spiritual Retreats in sacred, breathtakingly beautiful, high-vibration locations, with a group of like-minded, awakening women on a quest for healing, expansion and evolution.


Sign-up here for the Early Access VIP List.

As a result of signing up for the early access Seeking Sacred Journeys list, you will be automatically entered to win a FREE retreat. In addition, you will receive information and details about the spectacular, life-changing sacred journeys we have in store for you.  You'll also be eligible for significant discounts on any retreat or workshop, special offers, bonuses and (from time to time) you will receive little gifts and freebies to show our deep appreciation for you.  

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