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The Akashic Record: How to Connect and Why

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Akashic Record

The Akashic Records are known as The Book of Life

The stories in the Akashic Records continue to drive the present moment. Recognizing patterns, you can discover your story, heal from your wounds, and move in a direction true to your soul.

Each individual has their own story, the soul’s journey in this lifetime and throughout multiple incarnations But as we age, and our bodies slowly wither, even the most precious memories fade.

Where do the memories of our soul’s journey go when our brains fail to remember?

The transformative experiences, even the smallest feeling or thought, don’t just disappear into the ether when we age or die. They are stored. They are passed down. They continue to impact the universe.

The stories of our past, present, and future are written in the Akashic Records.

Known also as “The Book of Life”, The Akashic Records are the records of all events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intents ever to have occurred. They contain a database of all things physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Today, we store digital data in what we call “the cloud” or “cloud storage”. The Akashic Records work in a similar way. In fact, the word derives from the Sanskrit akasha, meaning sky, ether, or atmosphere. Just as you save digital documents in the “cloud”, so too does the universe store all experiences in the atmosphere, the akasha.

How do we know about the Akashic Records?

Edgar Cayce was a physician and psychic who dedicated his life to healing; both physical ailments and wounds of the spirit. He had the great gift to tap into the universe while in a trance, revealing to seekers their past lives and prophesies. And it was during his experiences that he received the knowledge of the Akashic Records.

According to Cayce, “Upon time and space is written the thoughts, the deeds, the activities of an entity.” The emotional connection shared between lovers, the bond between mother and child, the moments of peaceful solitude—every thought, action, and interaction from every day, every year, and every life is recorded in the Akashic Records.

Other religious traditions support Edgar Cayce’s revelation. In Buddhism, the Akashic Records contain the "indestructible tablets of the astral light", and in Judaism, it is known as “The Book of Life” or Sefer HaChaim.

Akashic Record

How to connect to The Akashic Record

Akashic Records tell our story. When you know your story, you can understand and relate to yourself and the world around you in healthier ways.

1.) Don’t overthink

Society tends to overemphasize intellectual intelligence. As a result, many have lost touch with their inner knowing, that connection with the lessons from our past lives and ancestors. Meditation practices, breathwork, and journaling using your non-dominant hand can set the mind at ease and tap into the Akashic wisdom guiding you.

2.) Follow your intuition

Do you ever get a gut feeling about a choice to make or a person you meet? That’s your intuition, Akashic wisdom guiding you through claircognizance. Don’t ignore it. Tune into your body and listen to those messages.

3.) Speak with an intuitive

Often people receive knowledge from the Akashic Record in dreams, intuitions, or from spirit guides, without knowing how to listen. You can better understand Akashic messages by speaking to a spiritual coach with special abilities to unlock the secrets of your soul’s journey.

4.) Simplify and declutter

Often we fill our time with a million and one things. This overcomplicates “our story”, and creates too much clutter in our hearts and minds. To tune into your soul’s true path, begin by simplifying.

You can do this literally, by donating clothes you don’t wear or downsizing your living space. Figuratively, that may mean focusing more attention on priorities, like doing the things that bring you joy or spending time with the people you love. Instead of wasting time on distractions, you’ll direct your story in a direction more true to your Akashic journey.

5.) Redirect Your story

Our Akashic story propels our present. Think of it like riding a bicycle down a steep hill. The momentum makes it harder to stop and change directions when you are already moving at such high speeds.

In the same way, those events stored in the Akashic Record continue to push us forward. They drive our thoughts, actions, and habits with such great force, that it makes it extremely difficult to change course. Difficult—but not impossible!

Transform your life through the healing aspects of the Akashic Records

When you want to make a big change, start small. Begin by recognizing the patterns, perhaps those toxic habits or relationships. Take a deeper look. Do you need to walk away? How do your heart and intuition respond?

Perhaps you need to go on a healing retreat to hit the reset button. Slowly back peddle and you will find a way to reverse the momentum that drives you. Then you can redirect that energy toward the new direction true to your soul’s journey.

Allison Dienstman

Allison Dienstman

Working from her laptop as a professional writer and entrepreneur, Allison Dienstman lives as a digital nomad, exploring the world while sharing positivity and laughter. She holds a degree in Chinese Language & Literature and has a particular passion for Eastern philosophy, meditation, and yoga. In 2019, Allison founded Inkwell Content Studios, a content marketing agency for wellness brands to shine through content creation and digital marketing. Follow her on Instagram @inkwellcontent — a mindful movement to bring some positivity to your daily feed. 

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