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The Different Types of Soul Mate Relationships

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Have you ever experienced an initial spark when meeting someone for the first time? Perhaps you have that ocean-deep connection with your lover that's totally unique.

That right there is a soul mate relationship, and this blog explores the different types of we can encounter in this lifetime.

Let’s dive in!

soul mate relationships

What is the Meaning of Soul Mate?

A soul mate is another person you have a deep, profound connection with—on a soul level.

It’s a unique relationship rooted in deep spiritual and emotional connection. It’s got that je ne sais quoi, an indescribable bond.

Many people assume that we only have one soulmate in life and often spend their lives searching for “the one.” When in reality, we can have numerous soul mates throughout our lives, each serving its own purpose. Here are some insights into the different soul connections we can experience and the lessons they offer.

Intimate Soul Partners

As the most common type of soul mate relationship, we’ll kick things off with intimate soul partners.

Intimate soul partners

In most people's minds, a soulmate is someone they love like no other; it’s their ultimate love. There are no secrets here, and your true essence shines through with that person you choose to share your life with—the one.

Intimate soul partners tend to have similar interests, values, and morals. There's a unique level of respect, and the connection has got that Midas touch effect.

Intimate soul partner relationships can be the greatest healer of all as it invites you to get vulnerable and unravel the true you. What lies beneath the surface, wounds included, comes to light when you meet your soul partner as you dig deep into this type of relationship. As you pull back your layers, you can heal one another through acceptance, forgiveness, and respect.

Intimate soul partners tend to complete each other; they’re the sun to your moon. It’s that love at first sight feeling that tends to last a lifetime. They represent your home in human form. After all, home is where the heart is.

While many people feel that they’ll wait a lifetime to find that perfect person, you can find peace in knowing that an intimate soul partner is not the only type of soul mate to exist. Let’s take a closer look at the other soul connections.

Twin Flames

Twin flames are a gateway to enlightenment and an invitation to heal the parts of you that require nurturing—your shadow side.

Twin Flames Soul Mates

This is a unique type of soul mate relationship in that you will only ever have one twin flame. This type of connection expresses itself as one soul split through two bodies and offers a direct reflection of yourself in another.

As incredible as they can be, twin flame connections can be extremely intense and challenging as, in reality, you are both polar opposites. But after all, they do say opposites attract! Twin flame connections invite you to dig deep and unleash your shadow side, which shows up in your partner. At times this can cause hurt, anger and distress as people find it challenging to be face-to-face with their insecurities. However, finding a twin flame can be the catapult toward personal development and take you to new dimensions of healing you’ve never been before.

The purpose of twin flame relationships is to get to the root of your authentic self. Behind what exists on the surface, you can heal even the deepest wounds. Hence, why it’s important to stay grounded throughout these experiences. A lot may emerge to the surface, which is why out of all the different types of soul mate, relationships is known as the most toxic. Just like the name suggests, you can expect flames of passion but also toxicity.

Through the bond with your twin flame, you will see your weaknesses and strengths; with the dark comes the light. You’ll get to discover the real you, so this type of soulmate relationship can be tremendous for healing and self-discovery.

Soul Tribes

Not all soul mate relationships are intimate. In fact, many types of soul connections are entirely platonic.

Soul tribes

Companions in spirit, friendly soulmates can be your spiritual support system along this journey we all call life. Do you have that dream bestie who strives to watch you thrive, or your biggest hype girl who celebrates your small wins along the way? That’s a soulmate right there! And when you find them, hold them close, as they can be hard to come by.

As humans, we thrive off connection, and friendly soulmates are nectar for the soul.

Your friendly soulmate is someone you trust your life with, that person you can turn to in times of need or to raise your glass in celebration. They’re your go-to when it comes to advice, and they will always be there for you, no matter what. As you voyage through your spiritual awakening, having these types of connections can be elevating.

Everyone needs a friendly soulmate in their lives. And it doesn’t just have to be one person; you can have an entire soul tribe of like-minded people who inspire you, provide unconditional support, and encourage you to achieve your full potential. By being around them, you are nourished and flourish.

Karmic Connections

Every time we interact with someone, we create karma.

Karmic connections

When people think of karma, their initial thoughts may be “what goes around comes around,” and while they aren’t wrong, it’s not as black and white as that.

Karma is the future outcome of a person’s past actions, and karmic soul mates give us the opportunity to take control of our karma. For example, let’s say you bend over backward for someone out of kindness from your own heart. You love unconditionally and are always there for people—this ignites good karma as you’re doing good for the world through positive interactions.

On the contrary, if you’re not treating others with loving kindness, this can have a negative impact on your karma. It’s worth knowing that karma as energy is always neutral, and it’s through life experiences and karmic connections we can influence this (positively or negatively).

Karmic connections can be hot and heavy, but unlike twin flames, these types of relationships don’t tend to last. They are there to teach you your lessons so that you can heal and move on. They have a definite purpose: to teach you lessons so that you can change for the better, and then they will head on their way.

Karmic soulmates are destined to meet and share learning experiences, allowing them to grow personally. These types of relationships are more of a learning curve; they don’t tend to last long term.

Kindred Spirits

A connection that sparks a sense of familiarity within you; kindred spirits share similar energies.

Kindred spirits

You naturally gravitate towards those individuals as you feel drawn by their aura. Connecting with another person this way is like meeting yourself in the other's body.

With this type of soul mate connection, you’ll notice an abundance of similarities between you both on an emotional, energetical or spiritual level. They just get you, and this can ignite a spark within.

Soul Teachers

Have you ever come across someone that has shared deep wisdom with you that’s created a significant change within? Is there someone who inspires you to reach your full potential by pursuing your dreams? That’s a soul teacher, and they can show up in the form of healers, therapists, and even strangers.

Soul teachers

A Soul teacher’s pure purpose is to help you grow and evolve through spiritual guidance. They can teach you anything from valuable skills to inspiring life lessons, such as expressing love, practicing patience, or living fearlessly and guide you in the right direction toward divinity.

You may have played the role of a soul teacher in someone else's life without even knowing it. That conversation you had with a stranger when you scratched beneath the surface and explored in-depth topics could have inspired them to go and do something they have always dreamt of but never felt the power to do so.

As we progress through life, we are sure to meet that special someone or a group of highly vibrational individuals who ignite a spark within—they’re your soulmates!

On that note, do you believe you have encountered any of these connections throughout your lifetime? Those who have yet to discover soul mate connections will surely discover their true beauty soon—you really do deserve miracles, magic and love! And as you may have heard before, it sure is worth the wait.

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