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Types of Spirit Guides

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

When you need help navigating life’s challenges, or simple reassurance that you’re on the right path, turn to your spirit guides.

Male angel statue

Everyone has spirit guides standing by, leading them down a path of peace and self-actualization. Masters, archangels, ancestors, and loved ones who have passed on protect and guide you to become your highest self. Discover the types of spirit guides and how to call upon them on your soul’s journey.

What Are Spirit Guides?

Many spiritual beings exist beyond what our human vision can perceive. Angels, gods, goddesses, masters, and archangels—these all represent different types of spiritual entities that guide and protect beings in the physical realm.

Each person has at least one spirit guide who joins them from birth until the moment their soul passes on. Most have three to six spirit guides, like a team of protectors. These spirit guides may have been by your side from the start of your life, or perhaps they have only come for a short period to help with a specific project or through a transition.

Your spirit guides communicate with you often. If you know how to listen, you can understand their guidance. You may even start to see them, in dreams or just as you would another person. It’s all a matter of developing your psychic abilities, something that everyone has but that requires practice.

When you recognize your own spirit guides, you feel stronger and benefit more from their support. You will better understand the messages they send to you, and how to tune into the inner wisdom flowing through you at all times. Then you can call upon your spirit guides when you need them the most.

Types of Spirit Guides

You may have different spirit guides protecting you throughout this lifetime. Discover the types of spirit guides leading you to become your highest self.

Loved Ones & Ancestors

Souls often remain connected over many lifetimes. Even when a loved one has passed on, they may stay on as spirit guides to continue to serve and protect their friends and family. Ancestors or loved ones from a past life may also serve as spirit guides, helping you navigate through this lifetime.

If you lost someone dear to your heart, you may feel their presence at times. Symbols of them may appear when they wish to communicate with you, such as a bird by your side, a song, a flower, or a certain scent.

This type of spirit guide may communicate with you in dreams. A loved one may appear at an important moment, to restore faith. Or, you may see them at the end of this lifetime, to guide you forward to the light. You can always call upon your loved ones who have passed on, by honoring them or through prayer.

Animal Totems

Have you ever felt drawn to a certain animal? Perhaps this animal appears in your life physically, or you find the animal represented in other ways, like books, television, or in songs.

red fox

Animal guides come in and out of our lives to lend their energy and guide our soul’s journey. You can call upon the animal’s energy to invoke certain qualities. For example:

Bear: Conservation of energy, nurturing

Whale: Compassion, solitude, intuition

Crane: Patience, healing, balance

Butterfly or moth: Transformation

Dogs: Loyalty, protection, guidance

Fox: Discretion, avoiding complications, staying in the background

Owl: Wisdom, insight

You can create a sacred space to honor and connect with your animal totem. Accept the guidance and strengths of your animal totem to feel empowered. Listen to the messages coming forth for help in making decisions.

Guardian Angels

Angels serve as intermediaries between the divine and humankind. Your guardian angels have been with you since birth and will stay with you through death to guide, support, and protect you.

guardian angel statue

Angels often come to serve a specific purpose, perhaps to protect someone from dying before their time or to provide inspiration with a project. They may come to guide during a transition or guide a soul passing on into their next lifetime. Many people have reported angelic experiences during near death experiences, describing beings of light that intervene to protect them.

According to the universal law, the more you ask for help, the more you shall receive. Learn to call upon your guardian angels when you need them. They stand by ready to support you unconditionally.


Archangels lead the angelic entities. They are more evolved angels that operate at a higher consciousness. Whereas guardian angels guide a single person, archangels have powerful energy, enough to lead an individual or group of people at once.

Your archangel spirit guide may come at certain moments to deliver a message or inspire transformation. You may sense your guiding archangel if you come across their name repeatedly. Archangels may also come through in numerology, elements, and colors.

Michael: Protection, strength

Raphael: Healing, rejuvenation, forgiveness, safe travel

Gabriel: Parenting, creativity Haniel: Intuition, imagination, emotion

Jophiel: Joy, beauty, positivity

Ascended Masters & Deities

Ascended Masters and deities represent divine beings that have transcended the earthly existence. Jesus, Buddha, or Mother Mary all represent ascended masters who graciously guide souls to overcome limited human perspective and achieve enlightenment.

elephant statue

You may also receive guidance from the deities, gods or goddesses that give personalities and stories to divine energy. Gods and goddesses may guide you using specific abilities that you need to focus on at this stage of your life.

Developing a relationship with your guiding deity can be very therapeutic. You put a face and a name to a more abstract divine power. This allows you to embody the characteristics of your spirit guide, and tackle life’s challenges with courage, healing, and wisdom. Some common deities include:

Apollo (Greek): Healing, enlightenment, reason

Isis (Egyptian): Healing, fertility, motherhood, protection

Durga (Hindu): Courage, compassion, strength

Brigid (Celtic): Healing, inspiration, hearth and home

Eir (Norse): Protection, mercy, healing

Mother Mary (Christian): Devotion, humility, purity

Kuan Yin (Buddhist): Compassion, mercy, health

When you feel alone, remember that the universe and your spirit guides are with you. Through prayer and meditation, you can draw strength from your spirit guides even through the most difficult stages of life.

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