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Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Spiritual awakening happens when your soul calls you to a higher consciousness and deeper awareness. You begin to see beyond the physical experience of the five senses and turn inward to listen to your inner knowing. Awakenings unfold differently for everyone. It can happen through subtle shifts or radical transformation. You’ll recognize that it’s happening to you through these common signs of spiritual awakening.

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You seek something more out of life

“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don’t you?”― Rumi

Spiritual awakening often begins at a point of dissatisfaction in life. Deep down you know that the things that once brought you happiness don’t seem so important anymore. Your soul calls for something bigger. It yearns for the connection with something more, even if you don’t quite know what that means just yet.

That’s because spiritual awakening involves a complete shift in consciousness. For most of your life, you may have felt satisfied with earthly pursuits, like earning money, getting a good job, or achieving social status. A spiritual awakening changes all of that. You see beyond the veil of illusion.

According to Deepak Chopra, “Awakening happens when you are no longer living in a dream world where you filter everything through your ego and focusing on the future and the past. Instead, you have an almost simultaneous awareness of your individual self and the connection between that and everything else.”

You connect more with your intuition

Prior to spiritual awakening, you view life purely in the physical. You live based on the five senses: smell, touch, taste, hearing, and sight. During an awakening, you tune into the sixth sense: your intuition. Intuition is seeing with the soul. It is the universe guiding you from within, your ability to connect to the cosmic energy of the universe.

Think of your intuition as that gut feeling. You have a feeling about something that you can’t quite explain. A situation causes knots in your stomach, and you know something is wrong. Or, you have a hunch that you just need to take action, but you don’t know why. That is your intuition at work.

During your awakening, your intuition expands. When you pay more attention, you're better able to listen to your intuition. You go with the flow of life and make decisions based on your inner knowing.

Your psychic abilities awaken

Listening more to your intuition often develops greater psychic abilities. You may begin to channel messages from the spiritual realm through different senses in the body. Below are a few common symptoms of heightened psychic abilities during spiritual awakening:

  • Tingling sensations, particularly near the seven chakra energy sources in the body

  • Greater empathy, to the point where it feels impossible to spend time with toxic, negative people

  • Seeing or sensing spirit guides and angels and/or understanding their messages

  • Lucid or memorable dreams with clear messages, premonitions, or warnings

  • Feelings of deja vu

  • Clairvoyance, unexplained knowing about a person, place, or event

When you experience powerful shifts in consciousness, it can feel uncomfortable, confusing, even scary. It’s important to slowly nurture yourself through these changes. Practicing meditation can help to calm down, so you don’t feel so overwhelmed with intuitive power.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

A mentor or support group can also help you through the changes so you can function in day-to-day life as you experience a spiritual awakening. Book a spiritual retreat to give yourself the space for expansion with loving, like-minded individuals who understand your experience.

You go through a life-changing experience

A spiritual awakening often happens after a sudden, life-changing event. A near death experience, the loss of a loved one, witnessing a miracle, seeing the paranormal—these life-changing events challenge us to question what we thought was “real”. Your mind begins to open to the possibilities beyond what you can see with your own eyes. You begin asking the bigger questions as your spirit awakens to higher levels of consciousness.

You raise your dimension of consciousness

Before a spiritual awakening, most people exist in a 3D level frequency. The 3D is not an actual place but a state of being. In 3D, you see things from a purely physical state.

This dimension of consciousness relates to the material, accumulating material gains and living in fear of losing it again. Energetically, the third dimension is in a low vibration: the illusion that the physical world is all that exists.

Signs of the 3D dimension of consciousness:

  • Pursuit of material gains, like money, status, or power

  • Fear of losing control

  • “Us” versus “Them” view of the world: other people, animals, and the planet

  • Scarcity mindset (there is not enough to share)

  • Lack of self-worth (or alternatively, arrogance that you are better than)

  • Fear of death

  • Neediness in relationships, dependence on others to make us feel whole

  • “Survival of the fittest” mentality, winner versus loser

  • Difficulty managing deeper emotions

As your soul ascends, your perspective changes. You’ll begin to experience a reality beyond the 3D. You may have reached a pivotal point in your life, when your soul is ready to ascend to a higher vibrational frequency. Perhaps you have overcome great lessons that have shifted your consciousness. Maybe you have tapped into your intuition and begin to feel the natural progression as your soul lets go of the 3D reality and raises to higher vibrations.

Your soul’s ascension to high frequencies can feel confusing at first. Some of your current habits seem mundane or superficial. You begin to see the bigger picture as your soul ascends to the 4D and 5D. You’ll know it’s happening when you start to pay less attention to the external world and your focus shifts inward.

You open to the dreamworld of the Fourth Dimension

As consciousness resides in the fourth dimension, reality begins to blur into a wonderful world of dreamlike fluidity. We have arrived at the fourth dimension, the realm of the archangels, the spirit guides, and the masters.

You are probably already familiar with the fourth dimension because you experience it every night when you sleep. Waking experiences are mostly in the third dimensional reality, while what you experience in your dreams is mostly from the fourth. You can experience 4D during dream sleep as well as through meditation, hypnosis, lucid dreaming, hallucinogenic drugs, prayer, and other spiritual modalities.

Think of the fourth dimension as a gateway to higher consciousness. You begin to realize that there is more to life than meets the eye. You live with greater intention, caring for your body as a sacred vessel for the soul. As such, you open to the importance of diet, meditation, and leading a healthy lifestyle. You experience life beyond the five senses, your sense of intuition grows.

In the fourth dimension, the human experience begins to transcend the limitations of time, space, and language. You identify less with “who you are” in a physical sense, like your job or your past life experiences. Instead, you start to see yourself as a spiritual being in human form.

You experience 5D ascension

As your vibration ascends, you experience the fifth dimension, the plane of light. Here, exists the experience of pure light and unconditional love. This dimension expands beyond the limitations of linear time.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Once you reach the 5D, you begin to realize the true nature of the universe; that we are all one and all connected. Each day becomes an adventure, a learning experience, an opportunity to grow. Every moment becomes a meaningful opportunity for joy.

Common signs of the Fifth Dimension:

We are all one

You feel the connectedness with others, the planet, and the entire universe. You no longer compare or compete. Instead, you see all as equals, respect the differences in others, and understand that every soul has their own path on this journey of life.

We are love

Living in 5D means living from the heart. You emanate compassion naturally from within and all actions are based on love. Relationships depend on experiencing the connection between souls, never solely based on sexual desire, neediness, or lust. The masculine and feminine energies are in balance, releasing full creative power.

We are grateful

Living in the 5D means to live with gratitude. You embrace all experiences with gratitude, viewed with the purpose of growth and expansion of the consciousness. Life is not happening to you, it is happening for you. You develop a deep trust in your spiritual compass, an inner knowing that everything is happening perfectly.

We live in the flow state

You release your fears, fear of shame, fear of embarrassment, fear of fitting in. You realize your dharma, your soul’s purpose in this lifetime, and learn to live in the flow. The ego breaks down. You allow the Source to work through you. You fearlessly express yourself and allow your light to shine bright.

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Humans live in the 3D, 4D, and 5D, or a combination of all three. As you experience your spiritual awakening, you may move across two or three states of consciousness. Remember to be gentle with yourself. Take good care of yourself, through meditation and a healthy lifestyle. It can also help to connect with the root chakra, to feel grounded as you experience change.

Recognizing and getting support when you notice the signs of a Spiritual Awakening

When going through a spiritual awakening, you are not alone. Having experienced guides to support your transformation will help navigate the path of ascension. Schedule a Soul Mentoring session to help consciously connect your vibration and live in full alignment with your spiritual purpose.

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