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Auras: How to See and Read Them

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

What comes to mind when you think of an aura? Is it the colorful hues of light surrounding a person's body or perhaps that gut instinct that ignites when in someone else’s presence? Let’s find out! This blog will teach you how to see and read an aura.

Auras - How to see and read them

What is an Aura?

In a spiritual sense, auras directly reflect a person's essence and manifest as a circle of energy surrounding our physical bodies.

Whether you’ve got the ability to pick up on auras or not, you may be familiar with the sense that there’s a rainbow of colors representing spiritual energy. Our auras are forever evolving as we undergo a constant flow of change throughout our lives and experience different emotions. Keeping in tune with your body and protecting your energy is precious, which crystals such as Labradorite can help you do.

How to see Auras

Depending on the level of consciousness you are in, your aura will emit different colors.

Each of these colors aligns with the seven energy centers, chakras, within the body—each carrying a unique vibration.

So, how is it possible to see an aura?

Many individuals have the ability to see these physical manifestations of color, Starseeds in particular. However, it can take more practice for others to tap into this rainbow of colors, and I’m here to guide you:

To begin, stand in front of a plain wall and hold your hand up in front of your face. Gazing forward, align your hand with the wall to see if you can pick up on any surrounding colorful hues. Although this can take some time and practice, patience is a virtue.

Aura Colors

The meaning behind each color

The colors within your aura constantly change according to how you feel, and each color conveys information about your personality, emotions, and mood.

Let’s take a closer look at what each color embodies:

Red (Root Chakra)

When people are determined in life to achieve their goals and have the stability to do so, they shine red.

Located at the base of your spine, the root chakra is home to your foundations—we feel motivated to survive and thrive in this energy center. When your aura is red in color, you are grounded and rooted in your truth. Physically, this manifests through having a place to call home, career stability, or emotional security.

Orange (Sacral Chakra)

An orange vibration represents creativity and sexual energy, as it is associated with the sacral chakra. People with an orange aura find it easy to establish meaningful relationships with others and connect with themselves on a loving, intimate level.

Yellow (Solar Plexus)

A yellow aura is associated with the solar plexus chakra and houses our personal power and ego. This sunbeam vibration shows that you have an optimistic view of life. You are courageous, confident, and a magnet of joy that others love to be around.

Green (Heart Chakra)

Green in color and in sync with the heart chakra, this aura is the embodiment of love. From self-love to universal union, those with green in their aura are kind, caring, and conscious.

Those who vibrate this aura are sincerely forgiving as they value the purpose of peace in their lives.

Blue (Throat Chakra)

As the voice of reason, a blue hue signifies someone is not afraid to stand up for themselves and speak their truth as it’s connected to the throat chakra.

When it comes to communication with others, there’s a great sense of clarity, and these individuals are the ones you can count on when it comes to loyalty.

Purple (Third Eye Chakra)

A purple aura is reflective of the third-eye chakra, where your intuition exists.

Those with a purple haze surrounding them are in touch with their psychic abilities. Connecting to other realms may feel natural to you as you tap into your inner wisdom and elevate to higher consciousness.

A purple haze is an invitation to allow your imagination to run wild, the sky has no limits, and neither do you, when it comes to manifestation.

White (Crown Chakra)

And last but not least, we have the magical white aura connected with the crown chakra.

As the highest vibrational color on the aura chart, the color white symbolizes spirituality. It evokes a sense of oneness with the universe, and their presence may feel to you calm like the ocean.

Are you feeling inspired to tap into your spiritual wisdom and unleash the power within? Soul mentoring is for you. Join me to discover more ways to unlock your spiritual gifts.

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