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The Michael Teachings

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Are you an old soul?
The Michael Teaching

Are you an old soul? Discover your role in this lifetime through the Michael Teachings, and live a life of peace and purpose.

Do you want to find your soul’s purpose? Do you want to feel more at peace? Do you want to know how to get along better with others? Do you want to fulfill your role for the greater good?

Understanding Michael Teachings can help you with these big questions in life. Each person has a purpose, a role to play. Through the Michael Teachings, you’ll better understand the journey of your soul in previous lives, your purpose in this incarnation, and your path forward to fulfill your greatest potential.

What is the Michael Teachings?

The Michael Teachings are spiritual messages that explain the pathway of the soul throughout reincarnation and the soul’s specific role in this lifetime.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro first described the teachings in her book, Messages from Michael. Through her psychic abilities, she channeled messages from The Michael, a group of 1,050 souls who have completed their cycle of rebirth.

According to the teachings, the universe began as a singularity that continues to expand and grow in complexity. We all come from this single source, and we are each a part of that process of expansion, exploring, and evolving—in other words, to live. Every soul goes on this journey of spiritual growth, to experience the universe, day after day, lifetime after lifetime.

Soul Age

Soul age charts the number of reincarnations along with spiritual development. You begin your soul’s journey in the first incarnation in the physical realm. As the eternal soul reincarnates through different lives, it evolves into later stages of wisdom.

1. Infant Souls: Infant souls engage in issues of survival, rituals, and customs. They tend to incarnate near the equator, where less cold temperatures allow them to thrive in simplistic, tribal environments, without modern shelter.

2. Baby Souls: Baby souls seek structure and tend to believe in dogma. They follow and enforce rules. They live in black and white terms, which reveals their lack of complexity. Baby souls tend to come from the Middle East or conservative small towns of America.

3. Young Souls: Young souls are driven by success and personal achievement. They focus on winning and the pursuit of power, wealth, and status. They tend to be born in countries that strive for technological innovation and enterprise, like Japan, China, Israel, the United States, and Australia.

4. Mature Souls: Mature souls gravitate toward emotional connection and developing deeper bonds through the community. They are drawn to creative expression and social justice, like environmental protection or humanitarian causes. They incarnate in places like Italy, Greece, England, and areas of Mexico.

5. Old Souls: Old souls look for the bigger picture in life. They have less interest in material gain and seek greater spiritual growth. They tend to live outside of the mainstream world. Old souls do not often come to a full awareness of their soul age until age 35.

Do you recognize your place along your soul’s path? Use this wisdom to chart your spiritual progression, from its first incarnation. This will help you better understand your experience at this moment in your journey.

Old Soul

The Roles We Choose

When you entered into this lifetime, your soul made a choice. You chose a role, a purpose, that drives your decisions every day. You may not remember it. However, using the Michael Teachings, you will likely recognize yourself in one of the soul types. This will help live according to your authentic self and flow in harmony with the universe.

Warriors and Kings: The great mobilizers

1. Warrior

The warrior knows how to get things done. They are strategic and focused goal setters. However, they tend to come as forceful and have difficulty communicating.

Positive Traits: Grounded, resourceful, protective, skillful, focused

Negative Traits: Blunt, Pushy, violent, seeks conflict

2. King

Kings need not raise their voices to be heard. The king often rises to leadership positions and naturally commands authority and loyalty. Still, the king can also come off as cold, calculating, and heartless.

Positive Traits: Stable, charismatic, commanding, magnanimous, problem solvers

Negative Traits: Arrogant, tyrannical, ruthless, demanding, intolerant

Artisans and sages: The great communicators

3. Artisan

The musician, the painter, the inventor—The artisan devotes their life to creative expression. They thrive as artists and innovators but have a tendency toward flakiness and self-destructive patterns.

Positive Traits: Creative, stylish, original, expressive, inventive, imaginative

Negative Traits: Dreamy, emotional, self-destructive, flaky, moody

4. Sage

Sages are quick-witted communicators and gifted storytellers. They have a playful, lighthearted nature and don’t take life too seriously. Although they can make others laugh, this can also lead to gossipy and sleazy behavior.

Positive Traits: Funny, quick-witted, wise, expressive, perceptive

Negative Traits: Loud, mean, egocentric, gossipy, outrageous

Servers and priests: The great motivators

5. Priest

Priests have a mission to inspire. They are born spiritual leaders. However, they can become fanatical, overzealous, or even edge on insanity.

Positive Traits: Inspiring, humanitarian, visionary, caring, compassionate

Negative Traits: Evangelical, fanatical, zealous, irrational

6. Server

The server dedicates their lives to helping those in need. They live selflessly in service of others, often working in professions such as a doctor, nurse, or teacher. Servers like to control situations, and therefore, may manipulate others. They can become susceptible to overworking themselves or playing the victim.

Positive Traits: Caring, nurturing, inspiring, compassionate, selfless

Negative Traits: Manipulative, overworked, victimized, enslaved, subservient

7. Scholar

Scholars have a drive for curiosity. The scholar is a neutral axis, as they tend to seek knowledge in an objective way. They keep “their head stuck in a book” and may come off as aloof and arrogant.

Positive Traits: Knowledgeable, logical, observing, curious, methodical, neutral

Negative Traits: Boring, abstract, aloof, arrogant, passive, reclusive

tree in different time

Our roles in the big picture

Have you ever noticed that life often exists in duality? Good and evil, light and darkness, sun and moon, male and female, hot and cold—this sense of duality reflects the flow of nature.

Everything has opposing sides. But these seemingly opposite forces actually complement each other. You can’t have one without the other. As one quality reaches its peak, it will naturally transform into its opposite, just as the cold winter will become summer once more.

This duality exists within us. All souls have their strengths, as well as their weaknesses. When you accept those polarities within yourself without judgment, you live in the flow of nature. You find balance within yourself.

In the same way, the universe consists of this beautiful interplay of dualities. Opposites are bound together, like yin and yang, as a mutual whole. It is the relationship between opposing forces that drives the universe. After all, if everyone were the same, we would never challenge and learn from each other to move forward.

The Micheal Teachings focus on the acceptance of dualities in ourselves and others. When you realize that each soul has its own path and purpose, you begin to respect those unique roles. You will live more in tune with your own vibration, experience peace, and inspire all those around you to do the same. Think of it as a dance, moving in harmony with your internal duality and those surrounding you. That is what it means to live.


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