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You Really do Deserve Miracles, Magic and Abundance.

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Believe in Miracles

I know it may seem like magic and miracles only happen for other people, but I am here to tell you that it really is possible for you to live a life of soul-infused magic, of loving relationships, with an effortless flow of abundance and blessings. It is your birthright to feel joy, to express your truth, and to live authentically; to be valued for who you "be" rather than for what you have.

We come into this world spiritually and emotionally whole, never questioning our innate worth or "enough-ness" and then for many of us, (well let's be honest, ALL of us) life gets messy, hearts get broken, loved ones leave us, money is scarce, bodies become ill or damaged, dreams start to fade, lines appear where there were none; we get older and it feels as if time is slipping away from us. Life has become one struggle or crisis after the next. We experience daily discomfort and discontent, often resulting in the dis-ease of the body, mind, or spirit (or all three).

Somewhere along the line, we may begin to medicate, either with pharmaceuticals or maybe less obviously, but just as destructively, we lose ourselves in our work or relationships. Whatever it is, we find an addiction or distraction to keep us numb and shut down - disconnected from the Source within.

Yet, we also begin to understand that these challenges serve a sacred purpose. They bring valuable lessons and always come bearing gifts, if we are patient and wait for them to reveal themselves. We begin to believe that what is broken can be healed. That from contraction comes expansion. We make progress.

Yet, at what cost? We've lost some of our resilience and have created a Teflon suit of armor so thick it can deflect an army of judgment, criticism, or rejection. Entrenched in fear-based conditioning, we create 'coping mechanisms' some conscious, some, not so much. It is our attempt to bring order to disorder, to feel a sense of control so that we are not consumed by chaos, grief, fear, or alone-ness. To do so is to exert our very human ego-mind over a situation that calls for nothing short of Divine grace.

Miracles, Magic, Love and Abundance.

But still...still, somehow we cannot quiet that yearning, the one there in our innermost being, insistently nudging and whispering. "You are so much more than this." Your soul is reminding you that you possess spiritual gifts, passions, talents, and a sacred purpose. But they lie dormant, locked up behind your battle-shields, and banished to a dark corner of shame where dreams go to die.

Only they don't ever really die, do they?

They can't because these are our spiritual gifts and we have come here for the express purpose of sharing them. They are interwoven into our soul DNA and when we connect to the infinite, divine Source of Creation, these gifts feel as natural as breathing. We feel fulfilled. We feel a sense of ease and rightness. We feel peace.

What hinders this state of being and keeps us playing small is that we DIS-CONNECT from our soul, within. At the moment that the initial dis-connect occurs, we begin to feel lost, unworthy and the "not enough-ness" begins. And, over time, we become thoroughly entrenched in an unconscious, fear-based conditioning, and life can feel like one long painful struggle. Miracles seem impossible. Magic is not in the realm of possibility...and love and abundance are only for other people.

But, this is only a born of the ego based belief that we are separate and unworthy. It is a forgetting of who you really are, at the level of soul - beings for whom miracles happen effortlessly.


"Through my work with hundreds of women - each with her own story, dreams, and unique challenges, one fact has remained constant. Separation from our soul is the root cause of suffering. It is through re-connection to Source - the infinite, eternal energy of creation, and remember who we really are, that healing, freedom, fulfillment, and joy is achieved. "

Miracles, Magic, Love and Abundance.

But, and here is the really cool part, we already have everything we need inside of us to end the struggle. When we re-connect inwardly to the wisdom of our soul, our gifts and purpose become crystal clear. The illusion of separateness, fear of failure and that persistent "not enough-ness" fade away. We know ourselves as Love Itself. And our life is Sacred. We need not suffer any longer. We are already whole.

It is from this place of enough-ness, this abundance mindset, that intentional creation of our heart's desire becomes effortless.

Magic, miracles and abundance are your birthright. Are you ready to receive them?

If this resonates with you and you feel a whole-body YES! then you are being called to do this work. I have several Offerings available to help guide you on your spiritual journey of awakening. I'd love to Connect With You and find out how I can support and guide you through this sacred unfolding. The new website also features an INSPIRATIONAL LIBRARY (you are in it right now!). It will be updated daily with new, inspiring and soulful content, blog posts, videos, freebies, guided meditations, and info about our retreats and workshops.

xo Rebecca

Love and light




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