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Your Spiritual Compass

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Dear Human,

Life is designed, it is not an accident, yet each one of us is granted the great privilege of choice. To you, and your presence here, there is a sort of duality.



You probably don’t even consciously know exactly where “there” is, but you do know it is mostly forward, with a sometimes necessary and occasional trip back to the beginning. Through your spectacular ability to reason, you have discovered or are realizing that destination really isn’t important, its determination that matters most. In your glorious existence, you have been allowed to share in the divine direction of the ever expanding and majestic source.

You are sacrosanct, sanctified, and consecrated as a precious gift to the holiest ceremony of life. Yet you are free. Free to walk whatever path that unfolds before you. Sovereign in your maturation, only you can choose how you will allow the experiences of being human affect your journey upon earth.

Yes, you might lose your way occasionally. You will definitely make many mistakes. And in your innate desire to love and be loved, pain and loss will surely come your way. But resolve is in your DNA. Intrinsically you find yourself full of intention to do something with your life. Purpose runs through your sacred and incorporeal veins just as blood does through your fleshly ones. Why? Because you are not a happening chance. You are not a coincidental or fluky outcome of awe-inspiring existence. Unplanned is not a part of your eternal history. You, my beloved, are an intentional outcome of an intelligent universe.

In some mysterious way, you are following the lead of the spiritual compass that was placed within your very existence.

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Eventually, you will get to where you are supposed to be because this too is how you’ve been designed. Within you is a homing device, and it is tuned into the beacon that is guiding you to the next adventure. You will be with who you are meant to be with, here on this planet, doing what you should be doing. It might take two steps forward and three steps back, but that too is a part of the dance that you were destined to cavort.

You are exactly where you are meant to be. Trust the process. Because the truth is, while you do indeed possess free will, it’s only over self. And life will happen all around you, unveiling paths that are often frightening by appearance. But nothing can destroy you, nor deter you from who and what you are intended to be. For you are both a free agent and a purposed entity of this divine song called life.

It’s very enlightening and encouraging to know that everything, including your own current situation, is as it is in part because of your choices, and in part because of your blueprint for life. If you just relax into the hands of destiny, you will see that living is about flowing. And it is complicated and often cloudy. It is about messing up and learning from it.

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But most of all, it’s about breathing in each moment, and counting each separate day as a separate life. Using your internal intuition to guide you as your consciousness awakes and the meaning of your actuality is slowly but surely revealed. And what you will see first, as if in a foggy mist, but slowly as a bright shining light at the end of a long tunnel, is that you are required to be nothing more than unconditional love.

Especially for yourself.


Your Fellow Space Traveler ~


This piece was written by my beloved friend Sheri Eckert, who has since left her body and made the transition back to spirit. I imagine she is traversing the cosmos and spreading her magnificent light more than ever. Her earthly body was really too small to contain such brilliance, beauty and power. She is deeply missed...yet, I know she is dancing and making magic just on the other side of the veil...I love you Sheri. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us ...we will meet again.

xo Rebecca

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